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Lights On Theatre is auditioning for Miss Havisham’s Wedding Night 

Miss Havisham’s Wedding Night is a glimpse into the psyche of Dickens’ famous jilted bride from Great Expectations as she wrestles with the psychological torment of betrayal. This 35 minute, one woman opera combines Lights On Theatre’s unique style of shadow puppetry with Pulitzer Prize winning composer Dominick Argento’s commanding score to shine new light on a misunderstood character. Inspired by mad scenes in early operas of Bellini and Donizetti, the opera explores love, grief, loneliness and shame, the expectations of women in ‘proper society’ and the mental toll those expectations take when unmet.

This work will be paired with the premiere of a cantata for mezzo-soprano 
written by award winning composer Jorde Heys.


Musical Rehearsals: July (Wednesday 6:30-9:30, Friday 6:30-9:30 and Sunday 6:30-9:30)
Staging Rehearsals: August (Wednesday 6:30-9:30, Friday 6:30-9:30 and Sunday 6:30-9:30)

Tech Week: 4-10 September 2024
Performance Dates: 11-14 September 2024

Miss Havisham 1 - Coloratura Soprano  (range A3-C6)
Miss Havisham 2 - Coloratura Soprano (range A3-C6)
Cantata - Mezzo Soprano

Puppeteer x 3

Click here for audition pack

This production will be a profit share, based on the MEAA guidelines. 

Lights On Theatre is a performance collective that combines opera and art song with modern shadow puppetry to create innovative, impactful and accessible theatre across Australia and the UK. Our team is comprised of accomplished, early-career musicians and theatre practitioners, dedicated to democratising classical music through unparalleled, live cinematic theatre.

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